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p-Nitr aniline.
P>endcr and Erdmnnn, Chcwischc Priiparatcnfawde, vol. ii.
]). 438.
25 grms. ace t anil ide.
25 c.c. acetic acid (glacial).
50      cone, sulphuric acid.
10      fuming nitric acid (sp. gr, 1-5).
The acetanilide, acetic acid, and sulphuric acid arc mixed by
means of a mechanica.1 stirrer and cooled in a free/ing mixture.
The fuming nitric acid is then gradually added from a tap-
funnel at such a. speed that, the temperature does not exceed
20 . After the acid has been added, the mixture is stirred for
an hour and poured on to ice. The product is then diluted
with water, left to stand for a time, filtered, washed, and dried
on a porous plate. It maybe recrystallised from dilute alcohol,
but is usually pure enough for further treatment. Yield is
So per cent, of the theory ; the remaining 20 per cent, is ortho-
compound and "remains in solution ; m. p. 207.
C(; H ,, N II . CO C II, + 1 1 N C), - N ( )., C(i 1 1 .,. N 1 1 . C O C I-T  + H,,O
' i "
The /'-nitracetanilide is either boiled with 2\ times its weight of
concentrated hydrochloric acid, or heated on the water-bath
with twice its weight of equal volumes of sulphuric acid and
water until the liquid remains clear on diluting with water.
The /MI it ran 5 line which is now present in the liquid as the hydro-
chloride or sulphate, is diluted with water and precipitated by
the addition of an excess of caustic soda or ammonia. When
cold, the yellow crystalline precipitate is filtered, washed and
re-crystallised from boiling writer. Yield, 25 grams.
Ncx.c^iii.Nircocn, -i- 11,0 i no ^ N()O.C:(!II.,.NII,.IICI
1                                '  H rii,('O(.>n
Properties. -Yellow needles; in. p. 147 ; soluble in hot
water ; very soluble in alcohol.